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PerfectCue Wireless Presenter Remote Controls & Cue Signal Lights lights for presenters.


The LimiTimer timekeeper system combines speaker timers & countdown displays for events, debates and conferences.

Laptop Sound Port

Laptop Sound Port Professional Line-Mic Level Jack-XLR audio adapters for computers.


High-Power Laser Pointers For Presentation Professionals.


  • PerfectCue

    PerfectCue is a light and sound signaling system designed for professional conference presentations - solid, reliable, flexible and with a 100 metre range.

    • Used as a "Cue", or "Pavlov" , the signal lights allow the presenter to send visual and audio signals to staff in the control booth,
    • PerfectCue can also be used as a wireless remote clicker which allows the presenter to directly control presentation software with  “next”, “back” and “blank” commands.
    • Synchronize playback of 2 systems automatically - PerfectCue can be extended to control even more computers if required.
    • Works immediately with Powerpoint, Keynote and Prezi. The commands are also programmable to control other software.

    The PerfectCue System :

    • A wireless receiver with LED and audio signals & USB connections for automatic control of connected computer software. 
    • A wireless remote control transmitter, with a range of over 100m, to interact with the receiver.
    • Different models of handheld remotes are available with 1- 4 buttons and an integrated laser pointer.

    The PerfectCue family includes three ranges - PerfectCue BP, PerfectCue Mini & PerfectCue Micro - as well as a choice of remote controls and accessories.

  • Limitimer

    Limitimer is an automated timekeeper system that controls remote signal lights alerting speakers to the end of allotted time. Use Limitimer to keep time at conferences, debates, lectures, forums and legal proceedings.

    • Maintains pace of programs. 
    • Builds confidence that no one's time is unfairly curtailed. 
    • Spares moderators the need to interrupt. 
    • Helps speakers end smoothly.

    Global timer options include count-up or count-down, stop-clock or continuous count, minutes : seconds or hours : minutes, and ring / buzz / chime-based audible cues.

    You can connect two Limitimer timekeeping consoles to one or more traffic signal lights and configure them to allow start and stop control.

  • Laptop Sound Port

    Connect like a Pro!

    Need to connect your laptop to the house sound system? The Laptop Sound Port devices are a range of compact audio adapters to convert the line-level sound output from a computer to a mic-level balanced signal on an XLR cable, suitable for connection to a professional sound desk. A "ground lift" switch eliminates the hum often heard when plugging computers into audio mixers, and a rotary button controls the volume.

    The Laptop Sound Port audio adapters can also be used in the other direction - to plug an XLR source into a mic-level input, for example on video cameras which only have mini-jack microphone inputs.


    • Cable adapter: 3.5mm jack to XLR format used by professionals.
    • Audio level conversion: Line to Microphone level.
    • Eliminates Hum: Cuts out electrical ground interference.
    • Bi-directional: Output to a sound console or input to a recording device
    • Voume control: Handy rotary volume control knob.
    • Sturdy construction: Metal body to ensure a long life.
  • Laser pointer

    Ultra Powerful!

    Our laser pointers are designed for institutions and the rental market. They feature a rugged, machined aluminum housing with a durable black matte finish. The actuator is a large red button with a positive action.