Laptop Sound Port LSP-1

Single channel 3.5mm Stereo Mini Male to 3-Pin XLR Male in-line adapter, with ground-lift and volume control.

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117,60 € inc. VAT.

98,00 € ex. VAT.

The DSAN LSP-1 Laptop Sound Port is a compact in-line adapter that converts a computer's audio output (typically 3.5mm stereo mini) to a balanced mono mic-level signal. This allows you to play back your computer's audio over your home audio system, using a standard 3-pin XLR cable. In addition, the adapter features a built-in volume control knob, and has a "ground lift" switch, which assures a hum-free interface.

The LSP1-R 'inverter' option includes a single female-female XLR adapter so that a male XLR connector can be plugged into the LSP-1 in order to use it as an input adapter for a recording device, such as a camcorder or computer, with a 3.5mm input.

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